SOLD- $1,300  Alice and Cheshire Cat           
1976 20" x 16" Oil and Papier Colles on panel           

Sold - $2,200   Anais Nin Visitation 1979 24" x 48" Oil on Masonite
A portrait depicting Anais Nin in the birdcage headdress she wore
as the character of Astarte in
Kenneth Anger's film "Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome."
The painting was published in the German book "1001 Frau"
and in an "Ohio State University Libraries Magazine"
as a front cover, in 1980.

SOLD- $3,500  Vanishing American Indian (1973) 40" by 26" oil on panel

SOLD - $2,200 Games 1968 45" x 40" Oil on Masonite
commissioned by Curtis Harrington for his film "Games"

SOLD - $800    Earth Rot 1970 50" x 27" Oil on Masonite
used as the album cover for the 1970 album by David Axelrod