In the late 1960's, Renate created a painting called "Games," for her friend Curtis Harrington's film of the same name.  The 3 photos below show (Top to Bottom):  A newspaper clipping of press for Renate's own film, A Painter's Journal which features the "Games" painting in the background; a photo of Curtis Harrington and Renate in front of the painting; and, Renate with the film's two stars, Katharine Ross and James Caan.

This personal letter (1981) is from a representative of Pope John Paul II, thanking Renate for her painting "Our Lady of Malibu."

 An invitation to a 1977 gallery event in Beverly Hills (front and back)

2010 Symposium at USC

On November 13, 2010, we had the pleasure of attending a forum titled “Alternative Projections: Experimental Film in Los Angeles 1945 – 1980,” at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.  There, on a panel called “Subcultures Scene and Seen,” the Columbus, OH-based experimental filmmaker Mike Olenick gave a talk on Renate Druks titled “The Inauguration of Renate Druks.”  In addition to several other projects, Olenick has made a remake of Druks’ obscure experimental film “Spaceboy.”  It was an immensely interesting, insightful presentation, and it was a great tribute to the work and spirit of Renate Druks.

ABOVE:  A clipping from the artist's scrapbook, date unknown.
Below:  photocopies made by the artist for her portfolio.