Born in Vienna, Austria in 1921, Renate Druks first studied art at the Vienna Art Academy for Women and later at the Art Students League in New York City.

After her formal training Ms. Druks  embarked on the life adventures that would further shape her craft, taking up residence in Mexico, where she spent three years of intensive self study, learning to make jewelry and painting tirelessly, developing her own techniques and personal style.  By 1950 Renate Druks had moved to Malibu California, then a rural strip of coastline,  where she built a house and studio.  

Ms. Druks first major solo-artist show, at the Lane Galleries in Westwood California, opened in 1957 and brought critical acclaim.  Ms. Druks showed and sold her paintings exclusively at the Lane Galleries until 1965.  Thereafter, Ms. Druks exhibited at several galleries in the Los Angeles area including the Image and Myth Art Gallery, Mascagni's, the Malibu Art and Design Gallery and the Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park.                                

Later, her Malibu home became the showplace where patrons and collectors gathered to view, commission and purchase Ms. Druks' work. The home also became a well known salon for avant garde artists, actors, film makers, writers and theatre personalities.  Visitors to the home and studio included:  Kenneth Anger, Don Bachardy, Barbette, Louis and Bebe Barron, James Bridges, Colleen Dewhurst, Doris Dowling, James Galanos, Rudi Gernreich, Gerald Heard, Curtis Harrington, John and Joan Houseman, Christopher Isherwood, Jack Larson, Henry Miller, Dudley and Virginia Murphy, Jose Quintero, Harry Partch, Virgil Thompson, Mary Wigman, Rupert Pole, and good friend Anais Nin.  Ms. Nin and Ms. Druks had been friends since the famous "Come as Your Madness" masquerade ball, thrown at the Malibu home in 1953; Kenneth Anger's film "Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome" (1954) grew out of this ball.  Ms. Druks' acted in the film, designed makeup and assisted in the production.

Ms. Druks produced and directed several films of her own, including "A Painter's Journal" (1973) 
and the cult classic "Space Boy," which was nominated for best short film at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.

  Marilyn Monroe with Ms. Druks' dear friend and collaborator Don Bachardy, Date Unknown  
Rudy Gernreich, Date unknown

Renate did the album cover artwork for the 1976 release of the Forbidden Planet soundtrack, composed by Louis and Bebe Barron.